Titanium Mirror Series


Technical Summary

  • Luminous, mirrored glass which is colored throughout, composing silica and metal oxides (to produce the glass color), fabricated by chemically etching colored or clear float glass on one surface and then silvering the non-etched side
  • Objects appear to float on luminous surface, which does not show fingerprints
  • Uses include partitions, wall coverings, cabinets, and displays.


  Injection MoldingNo
  Cold Pressing/Deep DrawingNo
  Blow MoldingNo
  Die cutNo
  Wood Working ToolsNo
  Metal Working ToolsNo
Usage Properties
   Fire resistanceHigh
   UV resistanceHigh
   Usage temperatureLow
   Scratch resistanceHigh
   Outdoor use No
   Wear ResistanceHigh
   Water ResistanceHigh
   ReflectivityHighly reflective
   Acoustics Sound reflecting
   Stain ResistanceHigh Medium

  Abundant materials

Physical Properties
  Structure Closed
  Surface HardnessHard
  Surface/Texture Matte

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