CVS Linen Jute


As World’s economic flourished in the decade various industries have expanded at great length and resulted in the craving of a great demand in canvas. CVS aware of industries increasing demand and had formed tides with business partners in order to be able to cater for customer requirements; whether it is dyed, yarn-dyed, print, coated conventional cotton, organic cotton, denim, metallic canvas, or specific attribute fabric. All CVS and our collaborating partners suppliers are free of restricted substances and have attained the requirements of international standard to ensure our customer satisfaction and confidence.

Technical Summary

  • Natural fiber woven textiles from cotton and jute
  • May be colored to order, and are also offered with antibacterial, water and stain repellent, and other special finishes
  • 60% Jute woven with 40% cotton to produce this textile offered in 40 and 54 in (102 and 137 cm) widths
  • Uses: residential upholstery, shoes, bags, curtains, and decorative items.


  Injection MoldingNo
  Cold Pressing/Deep DrawingNo
  Blow MoldingNo
  Die cutNo
  Wood Working ToolsNo
  Metal Working ToolsNo
Usage Properties
   UV resistance Medium
   Usage temperatureLow
   Scratch resistance Medium
   Colorfastness Low
   Outdoor use No
   Wear Resistance Medium
   Tear ResistanceHigh
   Water ResistanceHigh
   Reflectivity Light absorbing
   AcousticsSound absorbing
   Stain ResistanceHigh

  Easily Recyclable components
  Abundant materials

Physical Properties
  Stiffness Flexible
  Structure Closed
  Surface Hardness Soft
  Surface/Texture Texture

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