Perforated Grilles


Whether you are looking for a perforated grille that is historically accurate for use in a renovation, or an aesthetically pleasing and artistic design that will compliment your unique style, Architectural Grille has a perforated grille pattern to suit your need - and if we don’t then we’ll happily work with you to customize one. Every individual perforated grille is custom made to your specifications and crafted on-site from the finest materials in a variety of finishes, grilles can also be cut in a range of thicknesses to the size you need, using advanced technology and metal fabrication methods. Perforated grilles can be used for interior and exterior applications across a vast spectrum of industries including residential, hospitality, commercial, industrial, retail, educational and healthcare to name a few. Inspired by our travels around the world, the people we meet, cultural experiences and architectural influences, we are able to discover new materials, patterns, manufacturing best practices and product applications which benefits our discerning clientele. Architectural Grille is constantly adding to our pattern offerings, so be sure to check our product line to see what part of the globe influenced our latest design. With a growing environmental consciousness in the marketplace towards using “green” and sustainable materials, we can actively source recycled metals/alloys, reclaimed woods and other sustainable materials for your eco-friendly project.

Technical Summary

  • Weld-Lock constructed, pencil proof, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, or steel perforated grilles fabricated in 21 different patterns and 6 types of finishes
  • Mirror polish, satin, statuary bronze, primed, baked enamel colors, and anodized finishes in black, gold, clear, and duronotic
  • Custom items offered such as security window grilles, security doors, round perforated grilles, and railing perforated grilles.


  Injection MoldingNo
  Cold Pressing/Deep DrawingYes
  Blow MoldingNo
  Die cutYes
  Wood Working ToolsNo
  Metal Working ToolsYes
Usage Properties
   Fire resistanceHigh
   UV resistanceHigh
   Usage temperatureLow Medium High
   Scratch resistanceHigh
   Outdoor useYes
   Wear ResistanceHigh
   Water ResistanceHigh
   Reflectivity Slightly reflective
   Acoustics Sound Transparent
   Stain ResistanceHigh

  Single or mono-materials
  Easily Recyclable components

Physical Properties
  Transparency Transparent
  Surface HardnessHard
  Surface/Texture Texture

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