Vanishing Coil Mesh


Vanishing Meshâ„¢ is specifically engineered to enhance the visual appearance of zoological enclosures, primarily aviaries. For containment and protection with little visual restriction for the viewer. It is available in galvanized black UV Max, aluminum with painted finishes, stainless steel and stainless steel black oxide finish; and is manufactured using our unique fabrication technique. Length and width of project specific sizes are only restricted by available shipping and handling methods.

Technical Summary

  • Architectural screening material that offers containment and security protection with minimal visual restriction
  • Offered in number of finishes including copper, brass, bronze, galvanized, aluminized, flat black oxidized, and painted.


  Injection MoldingNo
  Cold Pressing/Deep DrawingNo
  Blow MoldingNo
Usage Properties
   Fire resistanceHigh
   UV resistanceHigh
   Usage temperature High
   Scratch resistanceHigh
   Outdoor use No
   Wear ResistanceHigh
   Tear ResistanceHigh
   Water ResistanceHigh
   Reflectivity Slightly reflective
   Stain ResistanceHigh

  Easily Recyclable components
  Single or mono-materials

Physical Properties
  StiffnessStiff Flexible
  Transparency Transparent
  Surface HardnessHard

  Manufacturer: A Thru Z Consulting and Distributing, Inc.
8620 East Old Vail Road b
United States of America
  Phone: 1 520 434 8281